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City of Houma Fire Department is made up of 60 personnel, 54 in the Operations Division and 6 in the Fire Administration Division. The Operations Division is divided into three 24 hour shifts. Each shift has 1 District Fire Chief, 5 Fire Captains, 5 Fire Equipment Operators and 7 Firefighters. All shift personnel are at minimum certerified Firefighter 1 and either First Responder or Emergency Medical Technician.
The City of Houma Fire Department responds to fires, auto accidents, hazardous materials incidents, medical emergencies and various other types of incidents. The department averages around 1,900 calls a year.

The Fire Administration Division consist of the Fire Chief, one Fire Inspector/Investigator, one Fire Training Officer, one Fire Department Mechanic, one Records Clerk and one Secretary. Our Fire Administration operates out of Central Fire Station in downtown Houma, the oldest operating station in the city. Central Fire Station opened in 1930 under Fire Chief A.J. Bethancourt.
Originaly operating as a fire station and police station, central housed an engine company, the Fire Chief, dispatch and the police department. The police department moved out in the 1970's. The tower that stands in front of Central, originaly had a water tank on top that fed the first pressurized water system in the city.

A shift
B shift
C shift
District Chief T. LeonardDistrict Chief T. RhodesDistrict Chief J. Mouton
Captain/First Responder C. LeCompteCaptain/First Responder H. SimsCaptain/First Responder K. Ward
Captain/EMT M. DerocheCaptain/EMT D. DomangueCaptain/First Responder D. Dear
Captain/First Responder S. RhodesCaptain/First Responder A. HebertCaptain/First Responder J. Williams
Captain/First Responder D. AustinCaptain/First Responder E. BerthelotCaptain/First Responder L. Brunet
Captain/First Responder C. HenryCaptain/First Responder A. SwanCaptain/First Responder H. Davis
F.E.O./First Responder R. McGuireF.E.O./First Responder B. ShortF.E.O./First Responder B. Chiasson
F.E.O./First Responder R. MalagarieF.E.O./First Responder M. SpradlinF.E.O./First Responder J. Aucoin
F.E.O./First Responder D. LeedyF.E.O./First Responder W. ThibodeauxF.E.O./First Responder M. Kennedy
F.E.O./EMT J. PlessalaF.E.O./First Responder M. GuidryF.E.O./First Responder S. Melancon
F.E.O./First Responder J. CollinsF.E.O./First Responder J. AllemandF.E.O./First Responder C. Trahan
Firefighter/First Responder R. DoucetteFirefighter/First Responder J. VanBurenFirefighter/First Responder R. Swalley
Firefighter/First Responder B. GaleanaFirefighter/First Responder Z. GrosFirefighter/First Responder E. Mott
Firefighter/First Responder J. ClementFirefighter/First Responder C. AvetFirefighter/First Responder S. Fonseca
Firefighter/First Responder S. HebertFirefighter/First Responder B. EstevezFirefighter/First Responder C. Quigley
Firefighter/First Responder J. HickmanFirefighter/First Responder T. MarcelFirefighter/First Responder J. Galliano
Firefighter/First Responder P. MedinaFirefighter/First Responder S. PerillouxFirefighter/First Responder J. Guillot
Firefighter/First Responder "Vacant"Firefighter/First Responder "Vacant" Firefighter/First Responder C. LeBlanc