Do you know
fire safety?

Protect your house and family with safety tips from the City of Houma Fire Department. Learn about the do’s and don’ts when cooking, celebrating the holidays, or when using fire safety equipment.

The basics

If your clothes catch fire


where you are.


to the ground.


over and over until the fire is out.

Do not use ice!

Cool any burns with room temperature water.

Call 911

Follow any additional instructions given.

When you hear sirens

At an intersection

  • Stop before the intersection, and look in all directions to locate the emergency vehicle.
  • Never block the intersection.
  • Remain stopped until it passes you completely.

If you spot an emergency vehicle behind you

  • Use your blinker to indicate that you are pulling over to the edge of the road closest to you.
  • Carefully pull over until you are out of the way, then stop. Don't pull back onto the road until the emergency vehicle has completely passed.
  • Never attempt to follow an emergency vehicle after it has passed in order to beat the traffic. It is illegal and dangerous because emergency vehicles often make sudden stops and turns.

Helping you stay safe.

Fire safety is everyone's responsibility! Stay safe with these additional tips from the City of Houma Fire Department.